Design Assistant 10.70 has been released

We have released version 10.70 of The Lode Data Design! Please contact us to request the download link.

What’s New in Design 10.70

Version 10.70

Key Date: December 1, 2021

Release Date: December 20, 2021


  • Windows 10 (x64)
  • Compatible with Drafting Assistant 10.50

10.70 New Features/Enhancements

  • ..9 Menu Command added to Powering to set TSG downstream of your cursor location.
  • Tap Specs increased to 512 lines.
  • TSG limit increased to 99.
  • TSG automatically updated on Tap Spec page when new groups are placed. No longer necessary to load and reopen.
  • TSG value retained when a new line is inserted in Design Mode, just like the Cable Code.

10.70 Maintenance notes

  • When changing a value such as the Cable Code in Entry Mode, the TSG value will remain, unless altered. TSG will behave as all other columns do.
  • 0 [HOME] Select Amplifier Dialog size increased to display entire line without scrolling.

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