Design Assistant 10.10 has been released

We have released version 10.10 of The The Lode Data Design Assistant! Please contact us to request the download link.

This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 10.10

Version 10.10

Key Date: April 1, 2019

Release Date: April 10, 2019


  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Compatible with Drafting Assistant 10.20

10.10 New Features/Enhancements

  • Copy Series Color has been added to the Series menu in Cable Specs. When the cursor in on a cell with colors set, this function will copy those colors to the entire series.
  • Distances have been added to the Tap Report.
  • Support of Office 2019 (Excel) has been added.
  • Network version now uses FLexLM.

10.10 Maintenance notes

  • Power Report now correctly includes all Networks when PCD’s are connected.
  • Running an Active Report on networks with PCD’s will no longer cause an error.
  • All buttons now appear correctly when opening a Control File on a second monitor.
  • Using +/- to cycle through taps no longer stops at line 63 from the tap specs.
  • MDU Cable Type will now accept all cables up to 99.
  • Entering an invalid Tap ID value will no longer cause a Invalid Data Entered loop.
  • Entering Tap ID’s and Part Numbers in the Tap Specs will now start at the first cell character when placing your cursor in the cell with the mouse.
  • Converting Active Specs from version 7 will no longer shift the PAD/EQ values causing the wrong PAD/EQs to be selected.
  • Cable Series Color now copies properly when using the Copy/Paste Row feature.
  • Moving your cursor with the arrow keys no longer highlights the rows in the Cable Specs/Colors tab.
  • Power Inserters on PCD legs are no longer adding bogus terminators.
  • All Connectors are reporting properly on BOM.
  • When editing Macros on a secondary monitor, all prompts are properly displayed.

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