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It is recommend that you backup all your files before you start the conversion process in case you accidentally overwrite the wrong file. This process must be done manually each time you want to save back to a previous version format.

File types that end with numbers (.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .9, etc) are no longer supported.

How to save network (ntw) files

To save to a previous version select File–Save Network As..

Select File save network as

Type in a new name or select the existing file name that you currently have open. I recommend saving it with the version in the name to avoid any problems overwriting existing files. For example I’ll save Demo.ntw as DemoV6.ntw if saving down to version 6.

Keep in mind that you are saving the current open network as another file. Selecting a existing file could overwrite an existing network with the current network you have open.

Select save as type

How to save spec files

To save spec files to a previous version select the spec file type you wish to save from the Spec Edit menu. In this example we will select the Active Specs (atv).

From the Spec Edit–Actives specs select File–Save As.. Then select the version you want to save your specs back to from the file type pull down and save.

DA Step1 Save specs

DA Step2 Save specs

DA Step3 Save specs

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