Design Assistant 8.00 has been released

We have released version 8.00 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 8.00

Version 8.00 March, 2015

8.00 New Features/Enhancements:

  • Expanded Preview of Address, Amplifier, Tap, Branch through Show Tips. Click on item to view expanded data
  • Jump to Address. Use the Jump command to search for an address. Enter all or part of the address
  • System Level Column has been added to the Network Tap Report

8.00 Maintenance notes:

  • Carry Coupler into tap branches, as well as Swap Branch and other branch functions are now working properly
  • Edit Plugins on a tap that was “Forced” in, now properly allows adding of plugins from the correct Pads/EQs Bank
  • Taps using Full Spectrum Equalizers, (Banks 5-8), allow Edit Plugins from the correct bank, even if the Tap will work without a Plugin
  • Control File Active Report voltage and current columns accurately reflect the correct values.
  • Print Network frequency headings appear correctly
  • Opening Coupler Specs created in previous versions will properly convert all frequencies including alternate frequencies
  • Edit Tap Specs Pad and EQ Banks no longer cause Tap part numbers to be deleted
  • Macros to remove Branch Labels now properly remove the label and do not leave any random characters
  • Branch Labels no longer cause a crash when deleting a Marked Area
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