Design Assistant version 7.04 has been released

We have released version 7.04 of the Lode Data Design Assistant. Please contact us to request the download link. This release has the following new features and maintenance fixes:

What’s New in Design Assistant 7.04

Version 7.04 May, 2013

7.04 Maintenance notes:

  • Deleting orphaned branches is now functioning properly
  • Changing tap optimization and eq placement settings in the Parameters file now takes effect on closing the Parameters editor
  • You can now minimize and maximize the program from the entry mode
  • Commercial counts are the correct color in all modes
  • Placed missing headers in Control File Active Report
  • Unloading Tap files or projects now displays Untitled for all spec types
  • Various branch deletion issues such as; marked areas, delete Branch, etc. have been resolved
  • Control file BOM counts all connectors
  • Entry mode display issues such as; cable color, changing existing values, and reverse entry have all been corrected
  • You can now enter Location numbers in entry as well as zero them out
  • Saving back to older versions no longer corrupts the network due to tap branches with no starting point.
  • Attempting to load a corrupt network will not load into and corrupt the currently loaded network. The current network will be unloaded
  • All spec file printouts now contain extended frequencies
  • Changing to a cable type that is colored in Entry Mode properly displays the cable type in color, not the distance

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